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Why ALRO Engineering?

You can rely on ALRO Engineering, your specialists when it comes to cleaning, disinfecting and drying chemical protection suits, protective suits for the fire service, products related to respiratory protection and other equipment. Since 1997, we have been focused on the construction and development of cleaning cabins that stand for certified top quality. We supplement our strong product range with the best service for our customers.

Cleaning and disinfecting PPE
simply and safely using our cleaning cabins

Our cleaning cabins with a moveable spraying system are products that we have been constantly developing and improving over two decades. The CDDC Series and its multiple variations are designed to clean your PPE; thanks to the moveable system, surfaces can be intensively cleaned in their entirety. What also makes our methods stand out is our careful handling of the materials to be cleaned, which helps to keep wear and tear during the working and cleaning processes to a minimum and thus deliver first-class cleaning results. The cabins themselves have aluminium hollow-chamber profiles, which ensures the best insulating effect in drying. This minimises any heat loss and adds the benefit of reduced energy consumption.

Modular solutions
suited exactly to your needs

Right from the beginning, a modular approach to the cabins has been key to ALRO’s success. As a result, our customers enjoy absolute flexibility when it comes to equipping themselves for their own operations. Because of this modular concept, adjustments and adaptations can also be made in retrospect without the existing structures having to give way to new ones. All processing times are freely adjustable and what’s more, our cabins boast low maintenance costs. Our expert advisers will gladly point you towards the model in our range most suitable for each intended purpose.

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